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• Rehabilitation • Wellbeing • Athletic Performance •

I am Alison Pearce, a Veterinary Physiotherapist and Canine Massage Therapist. I provide hands-on complementary therapy that can be used alongside conventional veterinary medicine to treat musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, for rehabilitation, wellbeing and athletic performance. 


I am based in Newbury, covering the West Berkshire and south Oxfordshire area. I specialise in dogs and cats and have particular interests in neurological conditions and osteoarthritis patients; my aim is always to achieve the best possible outcome for your animal.


I am qualified to Level 7, a full member of the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists and the Canine Massage Guild. In accordance with UK law, veterinary consent is always required before I can treat your animal.

In a consultation I carry out a full assessment of your dog or cat, which together with their medical history and current fitness level guides their treatment options. Each animal’s treatment plan is formulated for them as an individual, focusing on their specific needs, including:

  • pain management

  • improve mobility and quality of life

  • restore function following injury or surgery

  • support for long-term conditions e.g. arthritis

  • reduce inflammation

  • optimise healing and recovery

  • relax tight muscles, release restricted fascia, resolve trigger points

  • neurological rehabilitation

  • build muscle mass and strength

  • develop flexibility, balance and proprioception

  • sports-specific conditioning