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I offer a mobile service, meaning your animal is assessed and treated in the familiar, relaxed surroundings of his or her own home.

Rehabilitation and Wellbeing

Whether your animal is suffering from a soft tissue injury, an orthopaedic or neurological condition, or recovering from surgery, there are many ways that I can help. 

In a consultation I will carry out a full assessment of your dog, horse or cat, which together with their medical history will guide their treatment options.  Each animal’s treatment plan is formulated for them as an individual, focusing on their specific needs, including:

  • manage pain and improve comfort levels

  • improve and maintain mobility and quality of life

  • reduce inflammation

  • optimise healing and recovery

  • relax tight muscles, release restricted fascia, resolve trigger points

  • address areas of compensation and muscular imbalance

  • rehabilitate gait irregularities

  • rebuild muscle mass and strength

  • restore flexibility, balance and proprioception

  • promote nerve regeneration

  • manage the living environment and daily routine

  • protect mental wellbeing

  • reduce anxiety and promote relaxation

  • improve quality of sleep

Athletic Performance

I will carry out a full assessment of your dog or horse, which together with their current level of training and competition and any relevant medical history will drive the formation of a treatment and fitness plan:

  • enhance fitness and sports-specific conditioning

  • build strength, power and stamina

  • develop flexibility, balance and proprioception

  • improve competitive performance

  • boost recovery from training and competition

  • focus on specific targets or events

  • early detection of injuries and muscular imbalances

Massage and
manual techniques

Hands-on treatment including:

  • Swedish, deep tissue and sports massage

  • direct and indirect myofascial release

  • the Lenton Method

  • manual lymphatic drainage

  • specific stretches

  • joint mobilisation




Utilising evidence-based technology to optimise healing:

  • red and blue phototherapy / LASER

  • neuromuscular electrostimulation / NMES

  • pulsed magnetic field therapy / PMFT

  • therapeutic ultrasound

Exercise prescription and
expert advice

A holistic approach focusing on both mental and physical wellbeing:

  • specific targeted exercises, addressing individual areas of injury, weakness or asymmetry

  • sports-specific conditioning

  • environmental adaptions 

  • adjustments to daily routine

  • mental stimulation

  • stress and anxiety reduction




Initial Assessment, Consultation and Treatment (approx. 1.5 hours)  £55


Follow up / Maintenance Consultation and Treatment (approx. 1 hour)  £45


Location and Travel

I offer a mobile service, meaning your animal is assessed and treated in the familiar, relaxed surroundings of his or her own home.  I cover west Berkshire, south Oxfordshire, and adjacent areas including:


  • Newbury

  • Hungerford

  • Abingdon

  • Oxford

  • Reading

  • Faringdon

  • Swindon

  • Basingstoke


Travel charges may apply dependent on your location and the number of animals being treated.  If you are more than 10 miles from RG14 please get in touch for a quote.